Mission Statement Continued

SPROG’s goal is to provide these children not only with meaningful recreational activities, but to provide needed educational assistance as well.

SPROG’s Educational Program aids the children in retention of the basic educational skills. Many children who enroll have been referred through their teachers in the Kirkwood School District because of deficiencies in reading and math.

Over the years SPROG has been able to provide low income families with affordable options for their children. Fees are very low to compensate for this. Some scholarships are available for the extremely needy families.

SPROG also provides job training and employment opportunities for young adults in the community, ages 16-21 to serve as youth counselors.

SPROG’s job training program requires all applicants to attend
developmental workshops prior to employment. Many of SPROG’s youth counselors, as well as volunteers, are past program participants, which is a true testament to how SPROG encourages youth to help themselves and each other.Type your paragraph here.