6. Michelle Knudsen   7. Betty Loving      8. Arthur McDonnell    9. Chris Kurth              10. Diane Moffitt            11.Angie Bernardi

1. Robert West    2. Marie Kelly         3. Dave Garino      4. Andy Miller       5. Alan Ranford

Missouri State Representative., Deb Lavender - Missouri

stops in to SPROG to answer camper's questions.

SPROG's Board of Directors & Staff
consists of members from various backgrounds and professions.

Board Members

           Tammy Boyd      Beth Moritz

1.   Robert West, President

2.   Marie Kelly

3.   Dave Garino

4.   Andy Miller 

5.   Alan Ranford, Board Member            Emeritus

6.   Michelle Knudsen

7.   Betty Loving

8.   Arthur McDonnell

9.   Chris Kurth

10. Diane Moffitt

11. Angie Bernardi


Tammy Boyd, Program Dir.

Beth Moritz, Business Mgr.


Board Members